Medal of Honor Recipient’s Name And Reputation Being Used By Scammers

It is always disturbing to see something good, noble, or beautiful used or abused by ignoble persons for less than noble purposes, especially for something as low and selfish as raw greed. The people who do such things have no souls and care neither for the good reputation of the one whose name they are using nor for the innocent and gullible people they are scamming the money out of for their own greedy purposes. This is what is happening to a Medal of Honor recipient from the war in Afghanistan, retired Army Capt. Florent Groberg.

First, you need to know the man. This video will introduce you to him. It was taken at an event on his return to his Alma Mater, the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), to speak about a book he has written about his experiences in Afghanistan.

Groberg is clearly “a man for others.” This can be seen in the story about what he did that made him the 10th living recipient of the Medal of Honor from the war in Afghanistan, and in why he wrote the book. “It is about hope,” he says to the interviewer. It is about giving hope to his fellow veterans, about seeing and helping them to succeed.

Groberg’s MOH story took place in a place called Abadabad, Afghanistan, on August 8, 2012. He was leading a security patrol covering some high-ranking officers on a visit to the village to speak to the elders there. According to a Military Times article, Groberg was, “seriously wounded after a suicide bomber detonated his vest while Groberg wrestled him away from his patrol…His actions cost him nearly half of his left calf muscle and ultimately led to his medical retirement in 2015.”

Photo: YouTube/University of Maryland Global Campus

Groberg, on a Late Night Show episode, gave more details about both how the event took place and why he was lucky and did not get hurt worse or killed. Two motorcycles had stopped right in front of the patrol, and their riders ran from them to distract the security patrol’s attention. Groberg then noticed another man walking backward toward the patrol who suddenly spun around and started running toward his men.

Groberg acted instantly, hitting the man in the face with his rifle. Then, noticing the suicide vest he was wearing, he grabbed the man and started wrestling him away from his men, eventually throwing him face down on the ground. When the vest detonated, most of its force went into the ground, but some of the ball-bearing shrapnel struck Groberg’s lower left leg, tearing away much of his calf muscle. By his quick actions and care for his men in this incident, it is clear that Groberg is a good man, a solid citizen, and a true hero, someone that is worthy of our honor and respect.

Photo: YouTube/University of Maryland Global Campus

But there are other types of human beings among us who could care less about anything, who care only about themselves, and who are by nature true cowards. This is evident in the fact that what they do is done in secret, hidden by the various means available to them in this age of the internet. Capt. Groberg’s good name and reputation have been being used by some of these low lives who impersonate him as one can only do on the internet to separate the gullible and the innocent from their hard-earned money.

According to a Military Times article, online scammers are using Groberg’s name (and the names of other military personnel), impersonating him over 100 times. Groberg reports that, “They’re all scammers going out there to scam these people from all around the world, telling them I’m stuck in Afghanistan. Or I’ve divorced my wife, and she’s taken all of my money. Or like I’m going to come to see you, but I need $500 for a ticket.”

Photo: YouTube/University of Maryland Global Campus

The facts are that he is happily married to the woman in this video, and he hasn’t been in Afghanistan since he was medevacked out of there back in August of 2012.

One of the most disheartening elements of Groberg’s experiences with these scammers is that the victims, in their frustration, are reaching out to him by email, etc., blaming him, calling him names that are inappropriate in any setting. Both he and the Military Times, as well as we here at the Veterans Site, want to let you know this story so that, if by any chance you receive anything like this kind of scam by telephone or by email, etc., you will be able to avoid getting scammed yourself.

Photo: YouTube/University of Maryland Global Campus

I write this story to honor the words and actions of a very fine man, an Army officer, and a Medal of Honor recipient, Capt. Florent Groberg, who is as great an example of the kind of courage and integrity that is found in our military as you can find anywhere.

Thank you, Capt. Florent Groberg for what you did for your men that August day in 2012 and for what you are doing for them in your retirement and as a Medal of Honor recipient today. Honor! Respect! Gratitude!

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