He’s Run Through 600 Pairs Of Shoes For His Fallen Heroes, And He’s Still Going

Veteran Mike Bowen is a true inspiration. More than 42 years after his honorable discharge from the Army, Mike is closing in on his final mission — to run for the fallen heroes of the Vietnam War.

Along the way, Mike picked up the nickname “The Flagman”. The nickname is a reference to the POW/MIA flag that he carries along for every mile.

Of course all of that running has taken its toll, both physically on Mike and on his running apparel.

Over the course of his running, Mike has run through three flags, as well as three knee surgeries. He even had a battle with cancer along the way. He has run more than thirty marathons, too. But most impressive, perhaps, is the fact that he has now run through more than 600 pairs of shoes.

That’s real commitment!

Watch now to learn more about his perseverance and dedication to our veterans!

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