Too Many Of Our Vets Face Hunger And Homelessness, But Our Program Helps Provide Hot Meals

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One of GreaterGood’s Signature Programs is providing hot, nourishing meals to our homeless veterans.

After serving their country, too many of our veterans face hardships. They are given promises that all too often fall flat. Without support, they can’t obtain crucial medical and mental health services, and this can lead to homelessness and hunger.

Our service men and women should not be left to live out the rest of their honorable lives on the streets or in shelters: hungry, open to the elements, and unseen.


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Nearly 12,000 veterans are homeless today. While 8% of the U.S. population are veterans, 16% of all homeless adults are veterans. Over 90% of homeless veterans are male, and about 50% of homeless veterans are disabled.

One of the biggest issues facing these homeless vets is, of course, hunger.

However, homeless vets aren’t the only ones not getting enough to eat — it’s a problem facing a lot of veterans. In fact, almost 3 million vets and their families don’t have enough to eat each month. This is on top of the physical, mental, and emotional trauma many veterans contend with every day.

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Many community resources in the United States are facing cramped spaces, low funds, and lack of awareness about the sheer number of vets who are homeless and the challenges that stand in their way. This means that many veterans don’t have anywhere to turn. has partnered with charities across the nation to help address this issue, working with organizations that host community food pantries — as well as those delivering door-to-door — to make sure our deserving veterans have easy access to food.


Since 2011, clicks alone have provided over 778,000 meals to our vets! That’s not even including direct donations.

Thanks to your clicks and donations, veterans around the U.S. have easier access to hot meals and know that there are people rooting for their success.

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