Facebook Captured Their Relationship — From Beautiful Beginning to Tragic End

In an age when sharing with friends and family is second nature, it’s easy to forget just how much of our life ends up online. There is some great beauty in social media, like how it can tell our stories and catalog our memories.

Kimmy Kirkwood has one such story, and she shared it with U.S. Marine Sergeant Will Stacey.

Theirs was a relationship filled with laughter and tears, and it would forever be preserved in old Facebook posts that could be viewed for years to come to keep the happiest of memories alive.

The pair originally met at a Seattle high school and knew the same group of friends. Kimmy had a crush, but it wasn’t reciprocated. They went their separate ways: Kimmy to Chapman University, and Will to the Marine Corps.

He was stationed for training just twenty miles south of her.

When both returned to Seattle for the summer, they reconnected at a party. They were surrounded by people but stayed up alone together until 5 am just talking. It was a reconnection that started a deep relationship.

Summer came to a close, and Will was deployed to Afghanistan as Kimmy began her first semester of studying abroad.

There was a four-month wait until Will had holiday leave back to the states.

Will wrote and kept this promise to return to the states for Kimmy.

“I hope and pray that this afternoon was not the last time I will ever see you again. Will never make promises that I cannot keep, and I cannot promise my absolute safety. But I can promise this. You are what drives me […] You are what I wake up to in the morning, and what drives me through the day. Kimmy, you have finally given me something to fight to come home to. And until the day that I can step foot back on American soil, and come back to you, I will keep in my head every memory that I have of you and will hold close the memories that are to come. I love you too,” Will wrote to Kimmy.

Kimmy and Will wrote each other love letters – forever preserved over Facebook.

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