Portraits of Our Fallen Female Heroes Show Us The True Cost Of Freedom

There is nothing slick about this video.

There is no action, no individual story to be told because there are too many to tell in a format like this. But, in it, you will come face to face with the cost of freedom.

Like every portrait of those who serve in the uniforms of this country shows a young face, one full of life, even innocence. And, each face has a many-faceted story behind it, one that is connected to family and to individual places.

Source: YouTube/Tribute Flights.
Fallen women of the U.S. military.

Each of these portraits shows the face of a woman of great courage and dedication to duty. Each of these young women, like their brother soldiers, sailors, airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and Marines, answered the call to serve this country in a time of war.

Like their brothers, they joined the military for many reasons, but also knew that at some point during their period of service, they might be called to the front. They were willing to do so and when they received their orders they went willingly.

Source: YouTube/Tribute Flight
Women have served the U.S. military bravely, and many have given their lives.

Each one of these women knew the risks. But, more importantly, they knew their jobs and the importance of their skills and competencies in the team effort of their units. They kept up their end of the bargain with skill, determination, and courage. They were engaged in almost all aspects of modern-day warfighting capabilities and all served with distinction.

Look into these faces, into their eyes. See in them the joy of life, the pride of service, the love of country. Remember them. Each one of them gave her last full measure doing what had to be done to protect us here at home from those who willingly want to do us harm.

Source: YouTube/Tribute Flight
Tribute Flights honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

These are the faces of heroic women.

Let us not forget these women, nor the families that they left behind. Each of the faces here represents the loss of a “Pearl of Great Price.”

The Veterans Site honors the memory of each of these women. It is with the deepest respect that we promise to never forget them and the sacrifices they made in service of freedom. We send our condolences to the Gold Star families of each of the women in this video as well.

We will not forget!

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