Daughter Of Fallen Deputy Gets Wedding Day Surprise From Officers

Kirsten Mundell’s special day got a little more special thanks to a heartfelt gesture from law enforcement officers. Her father, Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputy Kent Mundell, was shot and killed in the line of duty six years earlier. Kirsten made sure her father was still part of her wedding day, and Detective Don Jones stood in for Kent by walking Kirsten down the aisle. However, that was just the start of the day.

Kirsten was having trouble without her father there to help with the planning. She wanted to make sure his memory was kept alive at her wedding, though. That’s why her father’s uniform and picture were in the front row during the ceremony. Her white wedding dress also had a blue streak in the back – another nod to her dad.

It was at the reception, however, that Kent’s fellow officers and friends really stepped in – quite literally. Shortly after Kirsten began the father-daughter dance with Det. Jones, she felt a tap on her shoulder and someone asked if he could cut in. It was another officer if full uniform. That’s when Kirsten found out that there was a line of officers waiting to dance with her in her father’s memory. It was an especially emotional and touching moment for both Kirsten and the law enforcement officers, one that they will not forget. You can watch the full video below.

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