Watch The F-22 Raptor, One Of The Military’s Most Intimidating Jets, In Flight

This video will blow your mind. You will see just what the F-22 Raptor is capable of in the hands of a gifted pilot.

Watch the F-22 take off and almost immediately begin to appear to defy the laws of physics. The plane seems to have super powers, an ability to fly with what looks like mad abandon. It really is mesmerizing.

Source: YouTube/Elwyn R

It is a known fact that the g-forces that come to bear on the bodies of fighter pilots as they fly the usual maneuvers at supersonic speed, but it seems beyond the ability to comprehend or to imagine what this pilot has to be able to endure and overcome in some of these maneuvers.

Source: YouTube/Elwyn R

The F-22 uses thrust vectoring to maneuver so well. According to Military Machine, “The engines, a pair of Pratt & Whitney F119s, varies its thrust direction by 20 degrees which is referred to as thrust vectoring. What does this accomplish? Well, it allows the plane to make more precise high-g turns, perform stall maneuvers without stalling the aircraft and point the plane at targets directly. All of these capabilities put the F-22 at an advantage to other lesser fighters it may come across in the air.”

Source: YouTube/Elwyn R

Lockheed Martin was in charge of project management during the construction of this aircraft. The nose section, cockpit, stabilators, fins, landing gear, and other elements were built by Lockheed’s Aeronautical Division in Mariette, GA. The internal systems, including navigation, electronic warfare, communications, and weapons support, were built by the Tactical Aircraft Systems division in Fort Worth, TX. Boeing was contracted to develop the wings, aft fuselage, avionics integration and electronic systems for the F-22, including life support and fire protection.

Source: YouTube/Elwyn R

To tell the truth, this really looks like the ride of a lifetime. Sit back and enjoy this incredible visual and audial adventure.

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