I Love When Ellen Surprises People Like This! Sgt. Walkup and His Lovely Wife, Shannon, Deserve It

Persistence, and positivity. That’s how Sgt. Franz Walkup was able to overcome the odds.

Ambushed and shot five times while deployed to Afghanistan, doctors told Franz’s wife, Shannon, that he had a minimal chance of survival, and, if he lived, no chance to walk again. What I have learned about veterans is they have the strongest will to over come adversity and actually thrive on the challenges that are in front of them. Our military gives these individuals the tools to open their mind to success during and after their service. Sgt. Franz is no different, being told he would never walk again he has overcome that challenge and strives to become a better person each day.

One of the best traits that Sgt. Franz has is his open heart and ability to motivate others. He describes how he receives phone calls from other veterans and friends going through some of the challenges that he himself dealt with. He keeps their spirits high and does everything in his power to make sure they are mentally and physically recovering. If that’s going to the movies or to a park to briefly forget about their troubles Franz is just a phone call away.

Fast forward two years and Franz and Shannon walked up the stairs of The Ellen DeGeneres Show set together. Not only did Ellen and her audience welcome them with open arms; there was a surprise in store…

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