Eagle Scout Builds Tiny House For Homeless Veteran

Many Boy Scouts think long and hard about the Eagle Scout project they will complete. Tim Maron of Berwick, PA knew that he wanted to help veterans with his project but he wasn’t sure what to do. That is when he heard about the tiny houses that were being built down south.

“That made me think of what we could do here and it just kind of blossomed into this,” Moran said.

Photo: WNEP

Two years later, a big red ribbon is being cut on the front of a Berwick home by Maron and it won’t be long before a homeless veteran is moving in. He was able to do a lot of the work but he also had some assistance. The Community Strategies Group, a nonprofit based in Bloomsburg was there to assist. That nonprofit focuses on making neighborhoods better.

“The more we talked to Tim, the more we recognized that we had maybe the ideal spot for his venture, which is this spot. At the time it held a condemned property,” Rich Kisner said.

“It’s been stressful always having to worry about what’s happening, is it going fast enough,” Maron said.

A Community Strategies Group representative said that they were responsible for various housing projects in Berwick but this was the first of its kind.

Photo: WNEP

“He did all the work. It was really rewarding to be a part of to see a young scout like this take the initiative,” Kisner said.

Local businesses chipped in with some supplies and materials for the project, which was mostly funded by Wells Fargo Bank. Tim is proud of the tiny home and tells Newswatch 16 that he is excited about it becoming a home for a veteran.

“It’s really great. I’m really happy at how it turned out and I think the person receiving it is, too,” Maron said.

At this point, Tim is working closely with the Wilkes-Barre Veterans Association to locate a homeless vet that will eventually move into this new, tiny home.

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