Items That Were Rationed During WWII

4. Metal containers

Anything that came in a metal container was switched to a different tube. For example, dog food and toothpaste had to be switched.

5. Sugar and Coffee

The ration for sugar was set at only a 1/2 pound per person per week. Coffee was also rationed to one pound every five weeks.

6. Shoes

The military needed special shoes made, so civilian shoes were temporarily put on hold. Silk and nylons were also rationed. You really had to take care of what you had because you couldn’t always buy new.

7. Other Foods

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Meat, lard, shortening, butter, cheese, oils, fats, margarine, canned foods, and preserved or processed foods were also rationed. Certain medicines were rationed as well.

8. The most controversial ration item

The most controversial item is said to be bread because it was not rationed until after the war was done. Wholemeal bread was replaced by white, and many people complained of its taste and texture and said it gave them digestive issues.

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This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Lauren Stewart.

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