D-Day Veteran Reunites With The Woman He Fell In Love With 75 Years Ago

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K.T. Robbins met Jeannine Ganaye in 1944, the year that D-Day took place. Robbins was stationed in northeastern France during World War II, where he met her. He sadly had to leave Jeannine when he was assigned to the frontline. For those next 75 years, Robbins would keep a photograph of Jeannine but would never be able to contact her.

Thankfully, a French broadcaster interviewed Robbins for a piece on World War II, and he was able to help reunite Robbins with his long lost love after so many years apart.

Meet D-Day veteran K.T. Robbins and Jeannine Ganaye

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And so 97-year-old Robbins was officially reunited with 92-year-old Jeannine. The two were reunited as camera crews huddled around them to record the moment. The two were both widowed at the time of the meeting and had a very emotional embrace. They reunited in Briey, France, which is 40 miles away from where they first met.

“I always loved you,” Robbins says to Jeannine when he finally sees her again. “You never got out of my heart.”

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Jeannine told the news outlet in French that she “always thought about him.” She also thought that “maybe he was out there, that maybe he would come.” Robbins was married for 70 years to his wife, Lillian, who passed away in 2015. Jeannine got married in 1949 and gave birth to five children before her husband died.

Jeannine remembers the day that she and Robbins had to part. “I cried, of course. I was very sad. I wish, after the war, he hadn’t returned to America.”

Robbins says, “I told her, ‘Maybe I’ll come back and take you,’ but it did not happen like that.”

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The couple spent two hours together during their reunion before Robbins left for the D-Day ceremony on June 6th. They allegedly agreed to see each other again soon. Robbins departed once more from Jeannine, saying, “Jeannine, I love you, girl.”

So sweet! Just wait until you see it!

Take a look at the sweet video below. We dare you to try not to smile! The two are instantly embracing, holding hands, and sharing kisses with one another as if they never left each other.

What an amazing moment shared between these two.

This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Jane Kenney.

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