This Isn’t Your Typical Homecoming Video — Just Wait For The End!

This ain’t your ordinary ad! While conducting market research, Duracell met a little girl whose military daddy sent her a teddy bear with a recording of his voice. They were inspired to recreate the touching story and use it as a Fourth of July advertisement. But Duracell didn’t just call attention to military children; they also decided to help them by donating $10,000 to the Comfort Crew for Military Kids.

More about the Comfort Crew for Military Kids – They are an organization dedicated to the 2 million military children in the USA. They help prepare these special children and their families for unique challenges and events they may experience while a loves one is away on active duty. Big thanks to Duracell for supporting this wonderful organization and for this heartfelt commercial.

Watch Duracell’s heartwarming commercial in the video below… you may need some tissues. Just thought you’d like a heads up!

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