This Drug Delivery Ship Couldn’t Get Away From The Speed And Precision Of The Coast Guard

We have heard and read about the United States Coast Guards ongoing mission to help interdict the constant and determined efforts of the drug cartels to bring illegal drugs into this country. The Coast Guard has become more and more successful in these efforts and often capture thousands of pounds of drugs before they are able to get here and be distributed.

This video is quite powerful. It is filmed with infrared cameras during one of the Coast Guard’s takedowns of one of the smuggler ‘go fast boats” at night.

This successful stop was made some 90 miles southwest of San Diego on the high seas.

Source: Youtube/AiirSource Military
The Coast Guard approaches the drug cartel boat.

Watch closely as the U. S. Coast Guard 45-foot Response Boat, catches up to the go fast boat and how they bring about the capture. The Coast Guard has trained snipers on these boats. They do not take out the two human beings in this smuggler boat, they shoot out the engines, disabling the ship. You can see all of this as the chase unfolds.

These Coasties know their jobs, and they do them with military precision and force. Because of them, tons of drugs are not making it into our country. But they are up against cartels that are hugely wealthy, determined to use whatever means they can dream up to get their deadly and destructive, money making products in.

Source: Youtube/AiirSource Military
Coast Guard snipers take out the boat’s engines and disable it.

The Coast Guard cannot stop it all, but they are getting better and better at their mission and are constantly putting deeper and deeper dents into the cartels operations.

Source: Youtube/AiirSource Military
Moments later, the criminals are being apprehended.

We can be proud of the service and the skill of these brave Coast Guard men and women who are risking their lives to stop the narco trafficking effort of the drug cartels. May their successes become even more numerous.

The Veterans Site sends its thanks to the men and women of the United States Coast Guard as they confront the efforts of the drug cartels on the high seas and elsewhere. We honor the mission and the dedication to duty that this smallest of our military forces brings to the protection of our nation.

Semper Paratus!

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