Principal Surprises His Students After Returning Home From 6-Month Deployment

Drew Wagner has two very important jobs: Principal at Fort Calhoun Elementary School in Nebraska, and First Sergeant of the 185th Air Refueling Wing of the Iowa Air National Guard.

Wagner loves being principal and has a great relationship with his students, so when it was time to take a year off for a six-month-long deployment at Al Dhafra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates, it was extremely difficult for everyone.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

When it was finally time for him to return home, he knew he wanted to surprise his students in a big way.

He worked with the interim principal and the public affairs officer at his base to plan an assembly for the students. All of them thought they were going to be having one last Zoom video with their principal before he left the Arabian Peninsula.

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

Little did they know, he was already there. While the students were sitting there, Wagner walked through the side doors, shocking everyone.

“The looks on everybody’s faces were awesome,” Wagner said. “‘Is that Mr. Wagner? Is he really here?'”

Photo: YouTube/Militarykind

With their jaws dropped, all of the kids stood up and gave their principal a standing ovation. They were so surprised, but so happy to have Mr. Wagner back home.

Wagner walked around, giving all of his students a high five. He was equally as happy to see them and be back at his school.

Watch the heartwarming surprise reunion in the video below:

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