Kids Use Doorbell Camera To Keep In Touch With Deployed Dad

If you are part of a family that has a deployed parent, you realize that it can be a challenging time in life. We look forward to when they are home, but even while they are gone, we do what we can to stay in touch with them.

In Colorado Springs, a family is experiencing just such difficulty. The two girls in the family are finding ways to keep connected, and it is touching people worldwide through the videos shared on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/@_mamadorn_

Even though the father is deployed elsewhere, his girls in the United States use the security camera in the driveway to stay in touch.

At first, it was just an occasional hello, but these days, the girls are saying hi and more to their father, Jordan Dorn, every day.

Photo: Instagram/@_mamadorn_

The security clips have been a real blessing for the family, especially Jordan, because he misses his daughters dearly. His wife, Kristy, has compiled some clips so they can be kept and enjoyed for years. She has also shared them on an Instagram Reel.

You can hear the girls yelling to their father and telling him how much they love him. They hope that he has a good day, and we can’t help but know that he is having a good day when he sees it.

Photo: Instagram/@_mamadorn_

After being posted, the video got more than 6 million views, and it is still growing. After all, as you watch the girls blowing kisses to their father and telling him to have a great day, you can’t help but have your heart involved.

You can check out the video for yourself below:

According to KKTV, their mother said that Jordan would occasionally talk through the microphone and say hello to the girls when they were outside. It’s interesting how this technology has allowed them to stay connected.

Their mom has also been doing what she can to help the girls while their father is gone. A wall in their home is full of items that keep their father in their memory.

I’m sure they look forward to when they can be back together, but until then, they have the security camera to stay in touch.

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