Air Force Veteran And Daughter Create Video Game For Children In Hospitals And Quarantine

Air Force veteran Nate Peters lives with a degenerative disease called Ankylosing spondylitis, which forces him to spend a lot of time in the hospital.

“And, being stuck in the hospital and having video games to take my mind off things is just a godsend, he told WMAZ.

Peters also realized how important it is to have something fun to focus on while undergoing potentially life-altering procedures. He wanted to design a new video game that would not only keep him entertained, but do the same for children who may be facing the same uncomfortable experience, whether facing surgery or spending weeks in COVID quarantine.

During the early design stages, Peters found his greatest inspiration in his daughter.

Air Force Veteran Nate Peters and his daughter Araceli, creators of
Source: Kickstarter/Nate Peters
Air Force Veteran Nate Peters and his daughter Araceli, creators of “Doodle World.”

“I was watching Araceli sit at the table drawing doodles…and it just hit me,” Peters said. “It’s a perfect concept and just exploded from there.”

“I created the game,” said Araceli. “It’s about this guy, his name is Doodle.”

Doodle World was inspired by Araceli's drawings.
Source: YouTube/Doodle World
Doodle World was inspired by Araceli’s drawings.

Players assume the role of Doodle, a once-prolific artist who’s magical crayon has been stolen by an evil king.

“The evil King Eraser and his office supply minions had stolen the magical crayon used to create Doodle’s amazing world!” the game’s Kickstarter page reads.

“It is up to you to get it back,” Peters said. “Along the way you will cross multiple worlds, each designed to look like crayon color drawings on notepad paper, fighting and dodging the evil King Eraser’s office supply minions.”

Players assume the role of the eponymous
Source: YouTube/Doodle World
Players assume the role of the eponymous “Doodle” in the game.

Doodle World was created for the original NES console, and was first launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter where it met its fundraising goal in 11 hours.

Peters and his daughter are using the money they made from their fundraising campaign to pay for consoles and games to be sent to children in hospitals around their home town in San Antonio, Texas.

Doodle World is available for the original NES console.
Source: Kickstarter/Nate Peters
Doodle World is available for the original NES console.

“Kids at children’s hospitals can use stuff like this to help take their mind off things,” Peters said. “That’s why we’ve decided we’re going to use some of the money to buy them game consoles and some video games so they can play while they’re staying there to help relieve stress and get their mind off the situation.”

Learn more in the video below.

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