Dogs on Deployment: Helping Those In The Military with Pets

A dual-military husband and wife simultaneously received orders; the husband was to deploy while the wife was to be stationed in Quantico, VA where she could not keep the family dog. Perplexed, the couple didn’t have many options, but got lucky and eventually met a family that was willing to offer their dog a home until the couple’s orders were finished. This real life scenario is what prompted the founders to establish Dogs on Deployment and inspired them to create an organization that would help other military members in similar situations.

Dogs on Deployment was founded by 2ndLt Alisa Sieber-Johnson, USMC, and LT Shawn Johnson, USN. Founded in June 2011, Dogs on Deployment is a non-profit which provides an online resource for deploying military members to search for volunteers who are willing to board their pets while they’re away. Many military members are forced to relinquish their pets because of deployments and the scarcity of boarding options. DoD aims to alleviate this by providing a resource to seek help. Since their launch in June 2011, DoD has helped place over twenty pets in DoD Boarder homes and has recruited over 120 volunteer boarders across the United States. DoD operates nationwide and is open for use by all military members during deployments and training exercises.

These military members have shown true commitment to helping others through starting an organization which helps alleviate their stress during the most stressful of times.
— Alisa Lorrine Sieber-Johnson, Pensacola, FL

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