Eager Dog Gets Sworn In As An Official K9 Officer

Everyone’s dream job looks different. But whenever you do land that perfect job that is the culmination of everything that you’ve wanted in life, there is no denying the wonderful feeling of satisfaction that goes along with it.

On your first day, when you show up to the office or job site to begin your perfect role, it usually feels like a dream come true.

Well, that same feeling of excitement is also felt by dogs who start brand new jobs – like the cute little K9 recruit who was itching to start his first day on the force.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

For dogs, their dream job is probably much different from those of us humans. I’d imagine that for dogs, any job is a dream job so long as they get to hang out with their human all day.

But what is even cuter, is watching how one playful pooch reacts to being sworn in to his new gig as a member of the K9 unit.

Photo: Facebook/Glynn County Police Department

One Georgia police department shared heartwarming footage of the “swearing in” process, and the adorable Belgian Malinois puppy who was more than happy to be there.

The Chief of Police for the Glynn County Police Department took some time from his hectic schedule in order to perform the swearing in of this particular K9. And it was nothing short of adorable.

The Chief of Police, Battiste, is seen getting down on the ground in order to be “canine level” with the new recruit. He then begins to recite the pledge to Ghost, the eager new pup, in order to swear him in.

Photo: Facebook/Glynn County Police Department

The only thing is, Ghost seems more interested in playing with the Chief than paying attention to what is going on. In fact, when he is asked to bark if he understands, it’s not Ghost who answers.

Somewhere else in the room, another dog answers for him! Oops. Still, Ghost’s enthusiasm is infectious, and we have no doubt that he is going to enjoy being a K9 officer.

Check out the video below:


Congrats, Ghost!

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