Two Exceptional Female Divers In The U.S. Navy Explain What It’s Like To “Dive The World Over”

This story and its accompanying videos is about what it takes to be a United States Navy Diver.

The motto of U.S. Navy Divers is, “We Dive The World Over.” This is a specialty for the few, and it is as diverse in its skills, environments, and importance as most of the other ratings in the U.S. Navy.

This is the end of Women’s Month, so it is appropriate that the two people you will see in these videos are female Navy Divers. The first is Diver 3rd Class, Valerie DeFreitas. She will give you a more personal view of what being a Navy diver means to her.

The second video is of Chief Petty Officer (CPO) Rebecca Jones. She will introduce more of the mechanics, the training, the requirements and varying kinds of duties and missions that Navy divers can take part in throughout their careers in the Navy.

Photo: YouTube/America’s Navy

The training, the physical requirements and the skills that are required to become a U.S. Navy Diver are exactly the same for women as they are for men. You will meet two women in these videos who are among the elite of U.S. Navy personnel. They are proud of their service and their experiences as Navy divers and you can see that they are confident, strong and very capable women.

Photo: YouTube/America’s Navy

The Veterans Site honors and thanks Diver 3rd Class, Valerie DeFreitas and CPO Rebecca Jones for their unique dedication to one of the more dangerous jobs in today’s military. Thank you for being role models for other women who want to serve the nation in the United States Navy and all of the other branches of our military. We wish you “Fair Winds and Following Seas” in all of your endeavors in the United States Navy.

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