Disturbing? Maybe. But True? Yes, Most Definitely.

As we discussed in a previous post

, Los Angeles-based photographer Devin Mitchell wants people to know that our veterans and current troops are more than just service members; they’re people.

In The Veteran Vision Project, a photograph series that will someday become a book, veterans and current service members are photographed in front of a mirror. The subject gets to choose their props, their costumes, and their poses. Some have included their family — brothers, sisters, spouses and children.

Some have made clear the physical wounds they carry. In this latest series of photos, however, the focal point tilts more in the way of emotional wounds that come with, and from, Combat PTSD and sexual assault.

While some of the photos you’ll see may be considered disturbing, the goal, as we mentioned, is to spread awareness about what our veterans continue to go through. But, like Mitchell said when asked by Buzzfeed: “…it also works as a therapy for the subjects… It makes visible what they feel.”

Timothy Lawson / United States Marine Corps


Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

Dave Bye, SSGT (USMC) / Daphne Bye, Cpl. (USMC) 


Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

Russell Breski / United States Navy


Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed

Want some insight into what made these veterans pose the way that they did? There’s plenty of it in the following video, as photographer Devin Mitchell interviews his subjects.

Check it out:

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