This is So Adorable! I Love That Not Even Distance Can Come Between This 89-Year-Old And His Best Friend

There are 86 years between WWII veteran Erling Kindem and his best friend, Emmett Rychner. Yet they race together. They play croquet. They make small repairs to bicycles. Even in the winter months Erling would snow blow a path from his back door to Emmett’s, just so they could still meet up. And it all began with a curious toddler wandering in his neighbor’s tomato garden. Needless to say, their relationship blossomed over the span of a year and it looked like these two would be best friends for a while.

Just like everything else, life happens. The development of their friendship was halted only by the move of Emmett’s growing family. Yet, both Erling and Emmett are determined to stay in touch. Just like true best friends you know they will stay in touch by letter and phone calls we are sure. There will only be distance between them.

Watch the video below for more on this adorable pair!

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