When Hospital Corpsmen Hear These Two Words, They Respond!

Corpsman Up!

Those words get action. When they are shouted out, Corpsmen respond. They know their Marines, they know the importance of their training and of each life that they are called upon to care for under difficult situations.

Watch this video and you will get a sense of what that training looks like, how sophisticated it is and how it is carried out in combat simulated situations. 


I remember this training in Field Medical Service School at Camp Lejeune, NC. It was difficult, yet superb training for what we would be called upon to do soon enough.

This relationship between the Navy Hospital Corps and the Marine Corps has been a very special one for well over a hundred years now. 

The Veterans Site salutes and thanks all who have served and those who presently serve with their Marine brothers, in the United States Navy Hospital Corps.  

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