These Amazing Different Versions of the Star Spangled Banner Will Give You Chills

Written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key, The Star-Spangled Banner continues to not only inspire, but to commemorate what we’ve accomplished as a country. And since its inception, there have been countless musical artists that have paid incredible tribute to our country’s most important song.

In honor of our national anthem, we have put together some of the best iterations of the song that have been sung over the years. Just being able to hear how differently artists take their spin on the song shows how incredibly powerful it can be when true talent puts their words behind the music.

So, come on, take a walk down memory lane with us and watch some of our most renowned musicians belting out the lyrics we all know.

And yes, of course you can sing along!

-BEYONCE KNOWLES (2004 Super Bowl)

-MARIAH CAREY (2002 Super Bowl)

-JIMI HENDRIX (1969 Woodstock)

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