Sgt. 1st Class Donald Rickey Gives His Daughters the Best Thanksgiving Surprise!

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It is not easy for a child to be without their father when he is away. It is extremely difficult for those children who have a parent in the Armed Forces. They worry about their father’s safety and constantly wonder when he is going to come home.

A few years ago, Sgt. 1st Class Donald Rickey had been away on duty for several months. When the holidays were approaching, his three young daughters, who of course were missing their daddy, wondered when he would be coming home.

What the three daughters didn’t know what that the girls were getting a wonderful surprise this holiday season.

With the entire community behind him, Sgt. Rickey was able to give his daughters the surprise of a lifetime for Thanksgiving.

You GOTTA see their reunion at the daughters’ school! It would make this a Thanksgiving they would never forget!

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