“Dear Santa, My Daddy Is In Iraq And All I Want Is To Bring Him Home For Christmas”

Christmas is a time for celebration, family, friends, and for kids, Santa Claus. When this little girl’s school class all wrote letters to Santa describing what they wanted to receive for Christmas presents, she wrote something that was exceptionally difficult: she wanted to have her daddy back from Iraq.

When she was asked about if she knew how difficult her Christmas wish would be to actually accomplish, she said “yes but, well, it’s tough to go around the world in one night! And I’ve never wanted anything more than that.”

Sometimes Christmas wishes are almost impossible to make come true, but for this girl, her dad was determined to make that happen and much more.

Upon his return home he decided the perfect surprise for his daughter would be to pretend to be Santa Claus for his school class. Not only did he come to give her the best gift she had ever received, but he also bought the presents every single one of her classmates had asked for!

Check out the video below and just watch her precious reaction.

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