Marine Surprises His Children With A Fake Gift

Coming up with a great surprise for the kids is not always easy. Sometimes you have to enlist the help of your mom to come up with the perfect plan. After all she does have more experience with pulling of surprises. Now we think they had the perfect plan!

When it comes to getting a present we all know the bigger the box the bigger the gift, right? Is it Buzz Light Year? Is it a pretty new dress? No, it’s Dad-In-A-Box! Sgt. David McKinley surprises his two unassuming children with an early trip back home for Christmas. The children had no hesitation or questions on why they would be getting a present at the airport but, after all, it was Christmas and if someone tells you to open a gift you are going to open it.

Watch how this big package gives these kids the greatest present they could ask for!

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