Timeless Love: More Than 71 Years After Normandy, Veteran Rekindles Lost Love

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American World War II hero Norwood Thomas remembers Joyce Durrant very vividly from 1944 when the two dated for a couple of months in England while Thomas awaited his orders. ABC News reported Thomas saying that he fell in love with Durrant because of her smile. Thomas’ unit, the 101st Airborne Division, then got called up for action during the Battle of Normandy in early June 1944. His military career interrupted their courtship. But more than 70 years after the two met, contemporary technology made something incredible happen…

101st Airborne Division before D-Day / Via  The Dept. of Defense

101st Airborne Division before D-Day / Via The Dept. of Defense

Unfortunately, a miscommunication after the war kept the young lady from moving from her native England to North Carolina to marry him. Both Thomas and Durrant moved on with their lives after World War II; both got married. Durrant, whose last name is now Morris, moved to Australia to raise a family. Thomas, now 93, started remembering more and more about Durrant in the years following his wife’s death. Miraculously, Durrant also began to remember her time with the American soldier so many years ago.

The Virginian-Pilot says Morris, 88, asked her son to look up information on Thomas through the Internet. After reading a few newspaper articles online about the veteran, Morris’s son called a local paper and a reporter got in touch with Thomas. Another technological marvel allowed the couple to meet for the first time since 1944.

The pair used a Skype connection to talk to each other. Morris’s first word to the 93-year-old was “Tommy?” The veteran gasped when he heard that name for the first time since before the Battle of Normandy. The couple talked for two hours on topics such as life, children, health, politics, and “what if?” The following YouTube video shows a portion of their conversation. This adorable footage shows the two are still smitten with each other, which shows that true love withstands the test of time, distance, and even the largest military operation during World War II. Thomas’s story is just one of several about veterans who’ve reconnected with loved ones they thought they’d lost. Read this story about another World War II vet who rediscovered his own love

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