These WWII Vets Are Better Dancers Than Most People By A Long Shot!

Most people wouldn’t consider themselves great dancers, but it doesn’t stop the vast majority of us from cutting loose every once in a while. Weddings, birthdays, any celebration is definitely a cause for dancing.

But for these two men they are just dancing on instinct as soon as they hear a familiar tune that is dear to their hearts.

Two veterans showed that they still knew how to cut a rug as they danced to “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” in the middle of an airport. The two men were on a trip to D.C. courtesy of Honor Flights, which organizes free flights to the nation’s capital for veterans. As some 1940s favorites were played, the two veterans joined in for a little swing dancing.

Watch and see two vets who haven’t lost their moves. They are absolutely fantastic to watch!

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