Women Can Track Health Information Through New VA App

In this digital age, it is invaluable to have apps available that simplify the process of providing health care for women veterans. As of December 2015, the Women’s Health Services and Connected Care offices of the Veterans Health Administration have released two such free apps: the Preconception Care app and the Caring4Women Veterans app. Although created for VA and non-VA caregivers and their teams, the apps can also be used by individual veterans for developing their health plans and finding and accessing health information and resources.


The VA Office of Women’s Health Services is confident that the new technology is a step forward in expediting care for women veterans, who often have specialized health care needs.The Preconception Care app focuses on the needs of women veterans of childbearing age. It covers topics such as reproductive and genetic histories, methods of birth control, vaccinations, and use of medications. It also offers a lifestyle checklist and links to further resources. The app is not only useful for those who intend to become pregnant, but also for all women veterans during their reproductive years, as statistics show that almost half of U.S. pregnancies are unexpected. Additionally, the app has a special section to help male partners of women veterans prepare for pregnancies.


The Caring4Women Veterans app offers general information for caregivers on the unique needs of women veterans. Because many women veterans have health care providers who are not part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the app offers caregivers information, tools and statistics on the special needs of veterans and how women veterans are specifically impacted by conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder and adjusting to civilian life. The app also provides caregivers with referral resources that women veterans can use to find VA medical centers and more information on benefits.


The Preconception Care and Caring4Women veterans apps offer guidance to help health care teams and individuals care for and counsel women veterans. Show your support for the brave women in the military by wearing a special flag bracelet.

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