Police Officer Helps Homeless Man Stay Warm During the Winter

It was a cold winter night in El Paso, with a storm that brought several inches of snow and lowered the temperature to below freezing. An 83-year-old homeless man named Charles Holder sought shelter inside Lowes, but when the store had to close, they called the El Paso Police Department so an officer could take him to a homeless shelter. When Officer Jose Flores arrived, he realized he could do even more to lend a hand.

Via the El Paso Police Department
El Paso police officers / Via the El Paso Police Department

Employees at Lowes did all they could for Holder, as The Change the World Movement reports that they found an available homeless shelter for him and even raised money so he could buy food. Once the store closed, though, they needed someone to transport him to that shelter.

According to the Huffington Post, when Officer Flores arrived at the Lowes to give Holder a ride, one of the first things he noticed was the man’s wet, beat up shoes and socks. He decided it was time for a quick shopping trip and purchased Holder gloves, socks and a pair of leather snow boots. Holder was so happy that he started tearing up, and even offered Officer Flores the food he had just bought for dinner as a token of his gratitude.

Officer Jose Flores with the homeless man / Via I Am A Texan
Officer Jose Flores with Charles Holder / Via I Am A Texan

What neither man knew is that they were being photographed while Officer Flores helped Holder put on his new boots. The photographer submitted the photo to the I Am A Texan Facebook page, and the post went viral with thousands of likes. Commenters praised Officer Flores for doing the right thing, calling him an excellent example for police officers everywhere. Through his thoughtful actions, Officer Flores lived up to his oath to protect and serve the El Paso community. Too often, we hear bad stories about the police.

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