Veterans Garden in Idaho Offers Different Take on Therapy

When the brave heroes who serve our country return from duty, it can be difficult for them to reintegrate into society and lead normal lives. That’s where incredible organizations like the Veterans Therapeutic Gardens step in. This unique program offers a totally new type of therapy, striving to provide the time and energy necessary to help veterans and their families heal and recover. The Veterans Garden in Caldwell, Idaho, helps vets to not only relax and recuperate but also teaches them how to grow and cook healthy foods.

Getting ones hands dirty and actually getting into the ground is very therapeutic. The discipline that comes from the military can carry over into gardening. Gardening to some seems like a weekend hobby but if you are working a larger plot of land we all know it can take a large amount of time and discipline to be out there day in and day out.

Want to help more veterans return to their normal, daily life? Sign this petition to support a service dog pilot program to serve veterans coping with PTSD.

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