The Battle Of The Workplace: 9 Civilian Jobs For A Seasoned Veteran

Veterans coming back to the United States often have highly transferable skills that can jump-start their civilian job search. Former personnel are greatly desired in a range of fields and industries. Take a look at some of the top civilian jobs for vets hitting the job market.

9. IT Specialist

If you learned information technology skills in the military, put them to use in your civilian life. IT specialists are needed to design software, create mobile apps, maintain databases, and design websites.

Via U.S. Army Africa and Rich Bartell

8. Police Officer

Given an innate desire to serve and protect, veterans often make nature officers. With both a respect for and understanding of protocol, training, and department hierarchy, the career option offers a great transition from serving in the armed forces.

Via Darin Barry

7. Engineer

While you may need specialized training to get an engineering job, your military background and training can also be of great value. Look into engineering if you’re great at designing and building systems in the areas of energy, manufacturing and safety.

Via The U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers and Carol E. Davis

6. Teacher

Veterans often do very well as teachers, drawing on their military experience of motivating people and getting them to work together as a team. Some former military personnel also find an outlet for their love of physical activity by becoming after-school sports coaches as well.

Via The Depart Of Foreign Affairs Austalia

5. Entrepreneur

About 25 percent of veterans end up starting their own businesses and many are very successful. Becoming an entrepreneur requires a great deal of initiative and the kind of discipline that you learn well by being in the military.

Via The National Rural Knowledge Exchange

4. Skilled Trades

Many valuable skills are honed in the military, ranging from carpentry to welding to auto repair. These skills give you a leg up in a wide variety of skilled industries.

Via Savannah River Site

3. Driver

Driving a heavy-duty truck or tractor-trailer is a specialized skill that’s in great demand. If you picked up these skills and the licenses that go with them in the military, you can take your abilities anywhere in the country.

Via Maaddin

2. Public and Government Service

Veterans are highly sought after to fill jobs in the federal government, often receiving preferential treatment in hiring. Continue your public service in an office, and look for career placement help from the military in your job search.

Via Ron Cogswell

1. Management Trainee

Military service often gives people management experience that they couldn’t possibly get in the civilian world at a young age. Bring those skills to positions such as management trainee or junior executive.

Via Hashoo Foundation USA

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