10 Things To Keep In Mind When The Going Gets Tough

Everyone experiences hard times, some more than others. Military life is, by definition, hard. It’s hard for you, for your loved ones, and for your fellow members in service. Unfortunately, the difficult times don’t end for veterans once their service is over. Veterans may struggle transitioning to civilian life, finding employment they love, or dealing with PTSD. But it’s not all bad. Remember that these difficult experiences don’t always last, and most importantly, you’re not alone. When hard times try to roll right over you, keep these insightful tips in mind and do your best to roll with life.

10. Don’t compare yourself or your situation to those of others.

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While it may seem like you should be able to deal with life as easily as the next person, it doesn’t mean you will. You are your own individual. Don’t compare yourself to others — it’s not helpful, nor is it useful. Just because someone else may appear to have it all together doesn’t mean they necessarily do. Others are also dealing with their own issues and grief — you generally only see what other people want to show you, and it usually isn’t the whole picture. Focus on your situation and be willing to put a hand out for the next person when they need it. Who knows? You may need that hand in the future.

9. You are not the only one who has ever felt this way.

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Remember: you are not alone. Many others have served with you and before you, and many service members and veterans deal with a lot of the same issues. Take comfort in knowing that others have faced these very obstacles and gotten through them. Try to find a support network of similar people — be it other veterans or military spouses, or other friends, family, or community groups. Hopefully with their help, you’ll be able to lighten any burden.

8. What happened in the past has passed — leave it there, where it belongs.

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Past experiences may shape us, but they do not have to define us. Remember that you have choices and your own free will. You can’t change the past — choose not to let bad experiences define who you are. Focus on what you can take care of now and moving forward. If leaving the past behind you proves to be more difficult than you imagined, don’t be afraid to seek the help you need. There are plenty of others willing to help you get through any obstacle — take advantage.

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