These Veterans Started An Amazing Business Together!

Okay so you might have guessed what their business is by now. After all it is one of the fastest growing industry. United States Navy veterans Tom Wilder and Neil McCanon love beer and they want you to love the beer they brew. Wilder and McCanon conceived and market Young Veterans Brewing Company in Virginia Beach, Virginia to honor veterans.

Equal parts art and science, their beer is brewed in five-gallon batches, with military-themed names such as Semper Fi P.A., Pineapple Grenade, Duck And Cover, Even Keel and New Recruit. As their business expands they will be able to brew more beer per batch.

The main point of this is two young veterans taking a risk and starting a business that they love. If you are in the Virginia area you are likely to find their beer and we recommend you give it a taste.

Watch as Wilder and McCanon explain their brewing philosophy!

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