When Disaster Strikes, Veterans Answer The Call

A group of expertly trained veterans take their skills to a new level in civilian life thanks to Team Rubicon. This organization unites the skills learned on the battlefield with those of first responders to provide disaster assistance to those displaced by floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. The skills these veterans learned in the military fit well into disaster response training, using their expertise in risk assessment, teamwork and the decision-making experiences of a small, cohesive unit when people need help the most.

Via Team Rubicon
Via Team Rubicon

This organization serves a dual purpose. The group provides a way for former members of the military to bond in civilian life as brothers and sisters training to respond to disasters. The second purpose revolves around helping communities beset by disaster. Former military specialists have unique training that puts personnel on the ground immediately after a calamity. Team Rubicon flies into the disaster zone and provides assistance such as first aid, emergency supplies and rescue operations as soon as possible.

Disasters and combat zones have many similarities, says The Veterans Site.

Unstable populations and limited resources typify a war zone that soldiers enter. People need immediate assistance before a human disaster occurs in both a war zone and a disaster area. Team Rubicon provides a meaningful first response to crises. Each person on the team has a specific task as the organization assesses who needs help first.

Via Team Rubicon
Via Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon puts resources into action.

When Americans hear of a natural disaster on the news, they donate money and supplies. These items represent an important facet of disaster relief, but these resources take time to coalesce. Team Rubicon’s highly trained and skilled professionals bridge the gap for both veterans and civilians. This band of brothers and sisters relies on the understanding they have of each other from military service and their advanced training to help civilians in a crisis.Team Rubicon assists some of the most vulnerable citizens. Instead of fighting for freedom, these combat veterans have a new mission in the fight for people’s lives after a natural disaster strikes.

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