The Mail Service Is Putting Restrictions On Sending Care Packages To Our Troops

We often forget about the sacrifices made by our soldiers serving the country on a daily basis. These brave individuals have left their homeland, their families and their lives to protect the freedoms we are privileged to have. Finding ways to honor them is something we should all partake in as a way to show appreciation for their service.

In past years, the U.S. Military has encouraged people to send care packages to anonymous service members as a way to support the troops. With increased mail restrictions you can no longer address packages or letters to “any service member” to soldiers serving overseas, according to

These restrictions run the risk of causing individuals not to put forth the effort to send words of thanks or needed materials because they fear the care packages will not be received by military members serving overseas.

That’s where more than 300 non-profit organizations come into play, including our very own box program that allows you to send your support for our troops overseas — along with some additional comforts from home, of course.

From special messages, notes and drawings to food and personal items, care packages like these reassure those bravely serving aboard that their service hasn’t gone unnoticed. More importantly, it lets deployed soldiers know that their communities and loved ones back home — and even strangers — are thinking about them.

The Pentagon has also recommended individuals show their support by volunteering their time and talent by supporting these organizations with financial donations or sending gift cards.

You can also make a difference by participating in charity functions and events that help to support families of soldiers killed in the line of duty or currently serving overseas. Donations can also help to support veterans who are suffering from health concerns or unemployment returning from deployments.

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