PTSD Took This Veteran’s Life, But His Music Lives On

After witnessing the Afghanistan war firsthand, veteran Jacob George became a peace activist and an opponent of the war by co-founding the Afghan Veterans Against the War Committee of the Iraq Veterans Against the War movement. A

n accomplished musician, he conveyed his music through original songs — like the one found below — that he performed across the country as he toured on his campaign called “A Ride Till the End.” His songs were based on his person experience as a veteran, expressing his emotions and thoughts through his raw natural talent with music.

Sadly, the end came too early when PTSD caused Jacob to end his own life at the young age of 32.

Watch this video of Jacob George performing his original song “Soldier’s Heart.”

Jacob’s suicide is not an isolated case. PTSD contributes to the deaths of 22 United States veterans every day. Donate to this campaign that urges the VA to expand its program to treat and combat PTSD.

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