Soldiering Life Isn’t All Fun And Games, Especially Not For These Privates

Military life has a fair amount of fun and games, pranks and jokes to lessen the stress of the job. However, discipline is an important aspect of soldiering and taken very seriously. Here are a few stories of privates that were punished for not getting themselves together. The punishments might’ve been serious business, but they caused mirth as well, going to show that sometimes they go hand in hand. See? Drill Sergeants aren’t all that bad!

You’re a Ghost

One private failed to salute and report his post to the drill instructor. Failure to do the little things can result in death in combat situations, so the private spent the rest of the day being dead and pretending to be a ghost. Naturally this resulted in spooky ghost noises.

Belching Tunes

As punishment for being out of place, one private had to do exercises and sing to the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus.” He upped the ante by belching the song.

Stolen Oxygen

One poor soldier was so bad at soldiering, that as a last resort he was given a tree to keep alive at all costs. This tree became his best friend and constant companion. Anybody inquiring as to the purpose of the tree had to be answered with “It’s to replace the oxygen I stole from everyone else.”

Private Rock

Some privates were given rocks instead of trees. One guy had to bring Private Rock – literally, a rock – everywhere with him. However, once he forgot to take him on a run. When his drill instructors inquired as to why Private Rock wasn’t there, the private said he was on a sick call on account of having no legs.

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