Soldier Has The Ultimate Surprise For His Girlfriend At Softball Game

It was a real double play at Gordon State College on Military Appreciation Day! The college decided to honor a hometown hero with the first pitch: Pfc. Blake Sorrows, who had just recently returned home from from a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

His girlfriend, Emily Brown, was on the team, and naturally she was chosen to be the one to catch the first pitch thrown by Pfc. Sorrows. It was a good throw and Brown caught the ball with skill and grace.

Immediately after the pitch, Emily goes up to her military boyfriend at the pitcher’s mound to give him a hug. Then the college president stepped onto the field with one very special game-changer, and all bets were off!

What starts as a great tribute of appreciation for a hometown military hero turns into something astounding — and it’s so amazing to see!

The incredibly sweet surprise is captured on camera for posterity; you’ll just have to watch to see what happens next…

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