The Gary Sinise Foundation Is Flying Vets To The New Orleans World War II Museum

When it comes to our country’s veterans, we go to great heights to honor them with our respect and gratitude. Thanks to the Gary Sinise Foundation, these World War II veterans were honored with a very special trip to the National WWII Museum in New Orleans.

The foundation partnered with the museum to create Soaring Valor, a program designed to give our nation’s remaining veterans the opportunity to visit the museum that honors their service and shares their stories. The one-of-a-kind experience included a museum tour, along with entertainment, a celebratory meal and the opportunity to connect with fellow veterans.

Without these brave veterans for WWII who knows where we would be today. It is the privilege and honor of Gary Sinise and his foundation to help these heroes have one more adventure together. These Veterans are living history, the amount of knowledge and life lessons they can share with all of us is just amazing. Together these veterans open up about their experiences and get to enjoy a day at the museum with like minded individuals.

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