Vietnam Veteran Goes Out With A Bang: Shooting Range Salute

When our heroes fall, the tribute provided is often inspiring. Fallen service members are honored with a gun salute, a performance of Taps, and a presentation of the flag to the surviving family. One veteran, however, received remarkable military tribute and a send-off representing both his character and his favorite hobby.

Via Artem Popov
Via Artem Popov

As reported by Military Times, James Walter Hosey, a veteran of the Vietnam war who died Jan. 2, 2016, literally shot through the sky at his favorite shooting range. Hosey’s son, Clint, loaded fifty 12-gauge shotgun shells with his father’s ashes and, with the help of family and friends, fired the guns off at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range on Jan. 9, 2016.

Hosey spent much of his life after military service on the shooting range, reports St. George News. Shooting cheered him up and his passion for his hobby was contagious. Hosey taught his son how to shoot as soon as he could hold a pellet gun. His talents graced the area long before the shooting range even existed, with Hosey shooting one-handed and playing with hand-thrown clay targets in his spare time.

Via Together We Served
Via Together We Served

The shooting range memorial service was something his son said Hosey would “get a kick out of” because of his unique character and playful personality. More than a hundred people gathered to share their condolences with Clint, his sisters, and his family while witnessing the shoot-out that Spilsbury funeral director Mark Heiner said was something he had never before witnessed during his career.

After their service, many veterans take up hobbies that highlight their personality and passion for life. For Hosey, a day at the shooting range was relaxing and natural, something fitting for his final send off.

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