This Is Such A Simple And Powerful Idea To End Veteran Homelessness!

Rags of Honor is a Chicago-based T-shirt shop focused on employing our nation’s returning veterans, many of whom are in danger of homelessness. Many of the Rags of Honor employees have felt this struggle first hand, with one stating, “I figured when I came back from war I would like, be a hero. But it’s not like that.” When we all know that they are heroes and they deserve a heroes welcome home!

Owner Mark Doyle says, “The most profound and inspiring words you can tell a vet are, ‘You’re hired.'” The company has grown from 4 to 22 employees since it opened. With a leader that is as concerned about veterans as we are we knew we needed to share this with all of you. If only we can get all companies to get on board and hire our veterans.

You can see more about Rags of Honor’s inspirational story in this uplifting video.

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