Can you name these campaign and service medals?

Serving in the military is both an honor and a duty. All the branches of the service have individual traditions and codes. However, they all reward faithful service and those that go above and beyond with medals. Here are some pretty cool campaign and service medals.

Good Conduct Medal

The Good Conduct medal is the oldest service medal awarded by the military. Each branch of the service has its own version. It’s awarded to enlisted service members who serve faithfully for three years, but during wartime, services members can receive after a year.

Prisoner of War Medal

President Ronald Reagan authorized the use of the Prisoner of War Medal in 1985. This medal can be awarded to any member of the Armed Forces who was a prisoner of war after April 5, 1917.

Humanitarian Service Medal

Created by President Gerald Ford, this medal goes to a member of the Armed Services who acted above and beyond during a humanitarian campaign.

World War I Victory Medal

This medal went to any member of the Armed Forces who served during World War I, and some members who served in Russia in the years immediately following World War I.

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