My Jaw Just Dropped — These Guys Are So Talented

Military marching bands have some of the best musicians in the world, not only because of their raw, natural talent and skill, but also because of their precision and discipline that comes along with being in the military. Anyone who has ever had the chance to see a military band live knows just how amazing they can really be.

Normally when military bands perform for the public, their repertoire is comprised of military and patriotic songs. In the video below, however, you’ll hear and see something quite different. And we promise that you’re going to absolutely love it! This military band really gets down and plays some crowd favorites like you’ve never heard before!

In this video of the Air Force of Chile band, there’s something for everyone, including selections from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and the latest Star Wars soundtrack. Watch as the band dances and plays its way through a performance at the 2014 Feria Internacional del Aire y Del Espacio (FIDAE, International Fair on Air and Space).

For more marching band fun, watch this video of the Marine Expeditionary Force Band in a drum battle with Korea!

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