New Battlefield Tech Has Enemies Running Scared

Science fiction is becoming science fact as the military deploys advanced technologies on the battlefield. Almost all of these spy gadgets you grew up with are now real and the best part is we have surpassed those ideas already!

Advanced offensive techniques use smells and sounds to incapacitate targets or microwaves to heat up their insides and stop them dead in their tracks as if straight out of a fantasy novel. Not a fantasy any longer, thanks to technology advancements these are now real and are being used in the field.

Other advancements include the Metamaterial Cloaking Camo — an invisibility cloak — and the X-ray vision tech that can “see” through walls. Drones are moving up a step, too, with the use of swarming technology. This technology uses artificial intelligence to allow a swarm of drones to autonomously follow a leader without human interference. Learn more about drones on The Veterans Site.

If it’s a swarm of drones or an invisibility cloak the future is here and we need to accept that the technology advancements are not stopping anytime soon. Wait until we are all on hover boards, oh wait those are already here too.

Check out this amazing video below!

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