A Soldier’s Good Deed Becomes A Viral Sensation

A soldier’s oath to serve and protect his country goes beyond just the battlefield. A soldier has a duty to protect all Americans and defend those who are in need of his/her service.

Lt. Col. Robert Risdon was returning from a game with his friend Jason Gibson when they decided to stop for food. In the restaurant, they encountered two young boys selling baked goods for their church. The boys were drenched to the bone, and they looked cold.

Lt. Col. Risdon asked them if they had eaten, and when they said they hadn’t, he bought them food from the restaurant’s menu.

Risdon refused to make a big deal of his good deed, saying that the boys reminded him of his own sons and what he did was a “natural reaction.” A true hero’s heroism extends beyond just the battlefield. See what defines a war hero with this post.

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