12 of the Most Quirky Educational Films of the 20th Century

Remember how exciting it was when, as a student, the teacher would begin class by pulling down the overhead screen, wheel in the projector, and show a filmstrip instead of leading another mundane lesson? Who didn’t love having a movie day in school? Of course, some of the films that were shown were a little bit more quirky than others. Here are a few memorable classroom favorites. Enjoy watching these classics while you imagine being in a darkened school room with the whirring sound of a projector and the faint smell of burning dust.

Are Manners Important?

In this film, young boy Mickey thinks “Manners are just for grownups!” He daydreams of becoming president and abolishing manners entirely. However, his constituents disagree with his actions and a protest ensues. By the end of the film, it becomes pretty clear that manners are important. Seems like it might be time to dust off this classic for today’s kids — and adults, too!

Answering the Child’s Why

This film addresses the importance of answering children’s questions to help appropriately shape their development. As a young girl, poor Molly was conditioned not to bother her mother with her incessant questions. Molly later becomes too shy to speak up and ask questions when she needs help in school. This sweet little film has a lot of valuable tips and pointers in regards to parenting.

A Date With Your Family

Emphasizing the importance of spending time with family members, “A Date With Your Family” offers instruction on household manners and and provides insight to gender roles of the 1950s. It’s hard not to want to sit down to a meal with these pleasant people, but one does wonder when the hardworking daughter gets to do her homework. The father’s reactions when the kids display bad manners are priceless.

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