Check Out These Coast Guard Dogs’ Cool Protective Gear

The U.S. Coast Guard protects America’s coastlines from enemies, but it also conducts routine training missions, inspects incoming cargo and boards ships when necessary. Part of that mission is to employ dogs that can sniff out bombs or other substances. Check out these stylish canines in full gear as they train alongside their human partners.141

Eye Protection

These intrepid canines wear specially fitted goggles to protect their eyes from sea spray, wash generated by the fast-moving rotors and any debris that might fly onto a helicopter.


Protective Vests

Special vests that say “USCG” on the side serves as a rescue and safety harness in case any of the dogs accidentally go overboard.


Ear Protection

Dogs have very sensitive hearing, so special ear protection saves their hearing when the dogs are around the loud noises of a helicopter engine. The special gear helps the dogs fulfill their mission. Without it, the canines might become permanently injured.


Bomb Sniffing

When not in the air or at sea, the dogs help sniff out trouble at coastal ports by smelling for explosives in luggage.


Ready to Go

Once the dogs complete their training, they become full members of the crew ready for action.


View From Above

Dogs continue their service in helicopters or on boats after they complete their training.


Waiting for “Go” Time

Much of the time, the dogs sit around in their helicopters and wait for action in full gear until the helicopter lands.


Just Chillin’

The dogs always seem ready for action when they’re in full gear. Make no mistake about it; although these pooches sometimes look like they’re relaxing, they can jump into a situation on a moment’s notice. You can help the cause, too, by sending supplies to military dogs.

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