Pulling Double Duty: Helpful Police Officer Saves Heart Attack Victim, Then Shovels Neighbor’s Snow

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It’s the job of police officers to protect and serve, but many of them go out of their way, well beyond the call of duty, to make a difference in the lives of people in their communities — oftentimes with little recognition for their efforts. That makes it doubly special when tales surface of police officers who are paying it forward and performing random acts of kindness. Such was the case with Nassau County Police Officer Kyle Klein, whose heroics after a snowstorm that dumped 6 inches of snow on Farmingdale, New York, went viral on the Internet.

Officer Klein responded to a call concerning a man who went into cardiac arrest while shoveling snow. Upon arriving on the scene, the officer performed CPR, resuscitating the man, who was transported to a local hospital. After a job well done, Klein returned to his patrol car and departed the scene. After rounding the block, he noticed a senior Farmingdale resident outside, also shoveling snow.

Having just seen the effects of overexertion caused by working in the snow from his last call, Officer Klein couldn’t pass by Gerard Cote, age 82, who was attempting to shovel out of his driveway after passing snow plows left it buried. The good-hearted policeman pulled over, jumped out of his car, grabbed a snow shovel, dug in and cleared the driveway, much to the delight of Cote.

When word of his good deed got around, Officer Klein received accolades from around the Web and special recognition from his department. Afterward, Klein said that the few minutes of time it took to help out Cote were definitely worth it. Klein is quick to point out that it’s all in a day’s work for him, noting that “stuff like this happens every day.”

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