The O.C.’s New Veterans Museum Reports for Duty

Sometimes, there are locations from our history that are gone and can never come back. However, through the hard work of some dedicated people, a piece of military history has been saved and is being used to honor those who have served.

A World War II army barracks has found new life as a veterans museum in Orange County after being saved from demolition. Heroes Hall, formerly called Memorial Gardens building, was relocated to a new site in Orange County Fairgrounds to serve as the centerpiece attraction there. The building was slated for demolition to make way for the expansion of the Plaza Pacifica, but after veterans raised concerns, the building was preserved and has now been placed on a new foundation on the south side of the O. C. Fairgrounds.

Watch the Hall being moved to its new home as a group of residents walk alongside holding on to the American flag.

Veterans deserve our deepest respect, but more than anything, they need our support. Sign this petition to help make sure our older veterans receive the care they need.

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